Hockey Is Hockey is a festive event series serving as a celebration of the game we love and a tribute to our grassroots, featuring Ice, Inline, Ball Hockey & even more!

Hosted by Hockey Is Hockey and the host facility, the day(s) of events welcomes all hockey players, ages, skill levels, fans and supporters. Each event varies and includes:

Ice and Inline Hockey Clinics

Youth & Adult Ball, Ice & Inline Hockey Games

High School & Prospect Hockey Games

Collegiate Hockey Games

Women's Hockey Games

Sledge Hockey Games

Skills Challenges & Skills Showcases

Player Drafts


Live Entertainment

Sponsors & Vendors

Open Hockey Sessions

Public Skating Sessions

Media, Music, Food & Drinks, and more...

All leading up to the Main Event; A Professional Exhibition Ice and/or Inline Hockey Game featuring players and coaches of the following levels:

NHL, AHL & Professional Leagues, NCAA Division I-III, ACHA, Juniors, Professional Inline, NCRHA (Collegiate Inline), Team USA Inline, Travel Inline and more.

The rosters for the Main Event game are selected during Hockey Is Hockey Draft Night.  Each team’s coaching staff is represented by at least one current NHL player and/or Alumni member and a local inline hockey coach.  Draft Night is open to the public and all event youth players, families and friends are encouraged to attend.  A Meet & Greet The Pros and Media Coverage will take place as well.  As each event varies, Draft Night may also feature player drafts for other programs such as the NCRHA Alumni Game and the High School Prospects Inline Hockey Game.

Hockey Is Hockey welcomes all players, fans and those that are new to our great game.  Come join us at one of our upcoming festive events, celebrating the game we all love.

Jim Tamburino, Co-Founder.

With over twenty years of hockey experience, including ice and inline hockey, Jim Tamburino has gained an enormous amount of knowledge from coaches and mentors throughout his athletic career, beginning with his older brother, Joe.

Most recently, Jim has been named as Head Coach of the FIRS Team USA Jr Inline Hockey Team, who will compete in the 2018 FIRS World Championships in Asiago, Italy. Additionally, Jim has been behind the bench in Collegiate Roller Hockey for ten years, currently serving as Head Coach for Farmingdale State College after eight seasons with Hofstra University. Doing so, his accomplishments include the following:

Farmingdale State College

2018 NCRHA Division I National Champions
2018 NCRHA Division III Finalist
2018 ECRHA Division I Champion
2018 ECRHA Division III Champion
2018 ECRHA Coach of the Year Runner-Up
2017 NCRHA Division I National Champions
2017 NCRHA Division III Finalist
2017 ECRHA Division I Champion
2017 ECRHA Division I Champion
2017 ECRHA Coach of the Year Recipient

Hofstra University

2014 NCRHA Division I Final Four
2014 ECRHA Division I Champion
2014 ECRHA Coach of the Year Recipient
2013 ECRHA Regular Season Champions
2012 ECRHA Coach of the Year Runner-Up

On the ice, Jim is an Assistant Coach for Farmingdale State College and assists Ferraro Brothers Hockey with various clinics, camps and training sessions.

As for Jim's playing background, he spent numerous seasons in the AIHL and PIHA after serving as inline Team Captain for five seasons at Towson University, leading them to two NCRHA Division I Final Fours and three consecutive ECRHA Division I Regional Championships. Additionally, Jim played junior ice hockey in Nova Scotia, Canada upon graduating from high school.

Along with coaching, Jim works as a Professional Author and Screenwriter and is also a 5th generation Local 638 Steamfitter.

Joe Tamburino, Co-Founder.

The combination of Joe Tamburino’s coaching background and twenty-five plus years of experience as a hockey player has given him the opportunity to share his knowledge and give young players an exciting outlook on the game of ice and inline hockey.  While coaching and instructing hockey for over twenty years, which includes capturing the 2008 NCRHA Division II National Championship with Stonybrook University’s inline hockey team, Joe’s inline playing career is highlighted with the RHI (Roller Hockey International), where he was drafted by the Florida Hammerheads in 1993 at age 19.  After a few seasons with the RHI, Joe later captained the NY Riot of MLRH (Major League Roller Hockey), which was followed by future years playing recreationally in the PIHA (Professional Inline Hockey Association) and AIHL.  Joe’s ice background includes the WGHL (Wild Goose Hockey League) in Saskatchewan, Canada, and experience with minor league clubs in the West Coast Hockey League, Central Hockey League, and United Hockey League.  His journey towards the dream of playing professional hockey is the major influence on the Tamburino's passion for the game, and ultimately, the reason for the creation of Hockey Is Hockey.  Professionally, Joe is a 5th generation Local 638 Steamfitter.